Coming Full Circle by Maria Dorfner

Meet Gregory Oliver

In 1954, five-year-old Oliver is stricken with polio.

He is rushed to Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center in Plainfield, New Jersey, where an iron lung keeps him alive for months.  He survives.

Twenty years later, Oliver attends medical school in Washington, D.C., where he stays on to do his surgical training.

His area of interest is colorectal surgery.

A surgeon encourages Oliver to apply to a hospital in New Jersey because they have one of the best colorectal training programs in the world.

Little did Oliver know the program is at Muhlenberg Regonal Medical Center, where he spent months in as  a young child.

Oliver says it took “all of a second” to make a decision in 1988.

Today, Gregory C. Oliver, M.D. is president of the hospital.

Yes, president.

He is also a Board Certified colon and rectal surgeon.  The hospital ranks number one in training programs for colorectal surgery throughout the U.S.

Oliver says, “It really is important that all people be screened, even if they don’t have symptoms. It’s key to preventing colorectal cancer.”

He adds with a tear in his eye,  

“Muhlenberg was there for me when I needed them most in 1954.  I hope to be there for other people now.”

He’s come full circle.

Stay healthy, everyone! -Maria


Gregory Oliver as a child

It was a pleasure helping Oliver help raise awareness about Colorectal Cancer ad help raise millions of dollars within the Plainfield community, to build their adjacent Nursing School for single mothers. Link below. NewsMD also assisted their sister hospital, JFK Medical in Edison, NJ build a new Emergency Room.

Link to apply to the Nursing School:

“When we take care of people’s needs when it comes to their mental, physical and spiritual health and wellness, albeit first from prevention and secondly from the best treatments, we leave this world a better place than we found it.” ~Maria Dorfner

Maria Dorfner is the founder of NewsMD Communications. This is her blog.  Email:

Broadcast Journalist, Maria Dorfner

For More Information on Colorectal Cancer please visit:

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    Steve Jobs once said you can only connect the dots looking backwards. This true story is a reminder that even childhood pestilence or infirmity in elder years can lead to a surprising resurgence one can only appreciate in hindsight. -Maria Dorfner 1/2/2020


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