Thank you Vickie Rosenberger

I received a comment from Maria at MEDCRUNCH…

Posted on January 18, 2012

I received a comment from Maria at MEDCRUNCH…So I went to her site. It is wonderful. Not only is it a beautiful site but the information she has on the brain is great along with the graphics. Please visit, it is worth a see.

-Vickie Rosenberger

About Vickie

My son was called a real estate savant in Federal Court. I am the mother of Marcus Rosenberger, a brain injured/damaged son, whom I am totally committed to bringing justice to his life. He was vulnerable and taken advantage of by two unscrupulous men. Each day I work to free my son and to tell his story. My heart is broken and so is his. So I write to let the world know about the injustices of the world, about head injuries, prison, aphasia, and all the things my son has had to deal with besides the devastating brain injury he suffered. I want people who suffer the same things and or injustices to know they are not alone and not to give up hope as our loved ones need our strength and support. People need knowledge and my goal is to give them that along with humor, stories, photos, and art.
Hope, Health, and Happiness,


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