2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Sleep-Drunk!

  1. Hey Maria… I’m kind of curious about the statement that we sleep so much than 20 yrs ago…could that be attributed to the growth in the ‘boomer’ population? I know that I sleep less than 20 yrs back…I’m more active out of doors,in better shape[all around] and have a more balanced life,overall.
    I know there are nights,occasionally,where I may exceed my ‘normal’ sleep time,but feel I’m simply reponding to my body’s own need for it.Not necessarily for any other reason. My wife will tell you that I get plenty of ‘down’ time,tho…I think it’s just enough !

    Thanx for this one too ! :*)

  2. Hi Greg, It says people sleep 20% less than a hundred years ago. Your behavior is consistent with that finding. In addition to all the things you listed –it is also contributed to modern technology which runs 24/7. It’s difficult to turn it all off in the mind, but it’s so important to do that. It sounds like you’re doing well. Keep it up!


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