Palm Sunday: Holy Week. Healthy Week

Ah, Palm Sunday.  Start of Holy Week  for Catholics.   Jesus arrives into Jerusalem

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, palm leaves were laid in his path.  So, it’s called Palm Sunday.

I come from an extremely large Italian, Catholic family.  That’s a photo of my Mom with her parents and siblings. Dad’s side is just as big.   Holy Day turns into Fun Day in a big family.  Lots of relatives to visit.  Lots of cousins running around making Holy jokes.

At Mass, instead of our parents giving us money to put IN a basket, we got to TAKE something OUT.  Palms!  Not just ANY palms.  HOLY Palms!  BLESSED.  And free!  One for each kid.

But, we each grabbed a PALM full. Holy. I know.  Then, we’d go visit all our relatives.  We got to say, “Happy Palm Sunday!” as we exchanged palms.  As a kid, the key was getting a bigger one in return.  Again, the Holiness.  I know.

At the end of the day, kids compared their stash of palms. The bigger your stash, the richer you felt.  It was like trick-or-treating on Halloween without the toothache.  I especially miss my Grandparents on this day.  Visiting them was the highlight of Palm Sunday.   Both set of grandparents had the Rolls Royce of all Palms.  A keeper.  To remember how blessed you are.

Today, if you walk into any Italian home, you will spot a palm somewhere. That photo at the top of this blog is real. I was visiting a friend at her father’s home and it made me smile, so I photographed it. It was in the kitchen tucked into a bulletin board.  Sometimes, they’re hidden.  If you’re a good detective like Nancy Drew here, you can spot any Italian with that one clue.  Even non-practicing Catholics like to remember when they believed in something, like getting a bigger palm in exchange for a little one.

Palm Sunday was also an exciting time in a kid’s life because we knew we’d get a new pair of shoes and fancy clothes to wear to Mass on Easter Sunday.  Girls got a new hat, dress, white gloves, socks and a new handbag.  The boys got new shoes, socks, suit and bow tie.  If there was a chill in the air, we got a new coat too.  Yes, that’s me.  Everything was new.  Life was good.

Since everyone isn’t a practicing Catholic or understanding of why materialism became a part of a Holy Day, I am making today Healthy Week.   All-inclusive.  Like a vacation without having to pay.


That said, you will scream & go out of your mind at my suggestions. That will pass.  Stick with it.


1.  Quit Coffee Cold Turkey1-2 cups daily if you must.

2.  Quit Soda Cold Turkey.  Drink water.

3.  Start walking 30-min. a day.

4.  Limit alcohol to 1-2 drinks a day, any time you drink or don’t drink at all.

5.  Quit smoking cold turkey. 

6.  Build Healthy Relationships.  Click photo above if you don’t know what that means.

7.  Enjoy nature without tech gadgets. 


8.  Help Someone. 

Remember, you don’t need to do all 8 this week.  Pick ONE.  Just ONE.  Stick with it for at least 60-Days to make it stick.  Then, try another one on the list until you get to all 8.

Then, your Healthy Week turns into a Healthy Year, which turns into a Healthy Lifestyle.   🙂

btw, I reached another Milestone in my Blog last week.  My FIRST hateful comment.  I was warned haters were out there. But, I blog about health.  Who would hate me? 

Well, a friend shared my blog on Facebook.  A stranger comments, “That gal is just a buzz killington.”  A what?  GASP!  It wasn’t a friend joke.  I’d laugh at that.   No, this was a complete stranger being serious.  He hated that I blogged that his hookah bong smoking was unhealthy. Well, I’m thinking that man will LOVE me after seeing THIS list.  Right?

Happy & Healthy Palm Sunday, everyone! 🙂


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