Think and Grow Healthy by Maria Dorfner

nap22Napolean Hill‘s list to make you rich in his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich” also relates to health, your true wealth.

Virgil first said, “Health is Wealth,” so it’s been known since the beginning of time.


1.   Positive Mental Attitude –  Healthy change starts in your mind.  Visualize your success. Close your mind when you awake and think, “THIS is the FIRST day of my life.”

Release everything in the past. It’s gone. Do not think of tomorrow. That’s what causes anxiety –the unknown.

We have a lot of unknown now, but we’ve always had it.

Look at this way. Even if you knew what would happen tomorrow –things you can’t control like weather, other people’s behavior, like a drunk driver on the road or any other number of events, such as an unforeseen accident, death or divorce can change that in a nanosecond. You can’t predict tomorrow.

We can say based on X then Z is more likely to happen, but that doesn’t take into account every potential unexpected event that may occur between X and Z.

As a producer, I need to plan things and anticipate every single what if scenario in order for things to happen successfully. Even when we exhaust all possibilities there still can be something out of the ordinary.

The bottom line is you can’t control tomorrow. No one can. Repeat.

What you can do is your best at what you can control.

You do that by being in the present moment. It is all you can control. That thought alone will calm you.

What you do in THIS moment matters. If you’re reading this health blog, that’s a good thing. Positive in. Positive out. You’re reading healthy material if you’re here.

Live this day with mindfulness and intention.

What you consume matters. What you read, watch on TV, eat, do –it is what you control. Make sure it’s a healthy circle.

See the Circle of Self-Care and be mindful to include these things in your day.

Working in an office has drained the life out of some people because the commute leaves them with no time to take care of their own health.

If they lived close to the office, they end up spending too much time in it.

The WORK sliver in this pie is about the size of Writing.


nap272.  Sound Physical Health  Your actions follow your beliefs.  For too long, media sends images of what physical health looks like –someone flexing their muscles or someone in a bikini.

That’s not what sound physical health means. It’s not narcissism. It’s not six-pack abs. Marilyn Monroe didn’t have abs, nor did any other classic beauties.

Plus, most of those people are starving themselves or spending inordinate amounts of time working out. They end up revealing the excessive behavior later when they can no longer sustain it.

There is a reason it says “Sound Physical Health.”

It means not obsessing. It means allowing yourself to wear non body conscious clothing. It means relaxing.

Do something you can sustain long-term. Walking is what I always recommend people do daily.

Remove labels as in “I’m diabetic” or “I’m X, Y or Z”. You are not your illness. Do not give power to any illness.

When you wake up say, “I am healthy and fit.” Believe.
Your body will follows what it believes and values.

Begin to value your health. Soon, your illness won’t want to be around you.


3.  Harmony in Human Relationships Keep your circle small with people healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Positive people and realistic ones have self-discipline.

Everyone is on their own journey and you can lead by example. The hardest challenge is being around people who haven’t done the work to achieve harmony in themselves. They lash out at others.

What if you’re in a situation where you can’t get away from negative, angry people?

Best thing you can do is not react to it. Remain calm. Unhealthy people try to drag you into their drama. Do not get drawn into it.

Remember, anger releases cortisol and it is addictive, meaning unhealthy people need to find something to pick on to release cortisol (yelling, screaming, criticizing, eating junk food, not exercising, not getting enough sleep, watching too much TV, not helping anyone).  Some create drama to get their cortisol fix.

You can’t change them. They need to want to change themselves. Don’t engage. They are not healthy in mind.

Protect yourself the best you can, but do not react to them. Spend little to no time with them, while taking care of yourself.

Healthy people release endorphins and look for things to release that (eating well, sleeping well, exercise, helping others, learning, reading, laughing, love)

Before you can be around healthy people you need to be one yourself. Healthy habits take 3 months to form.

Start now.


4.  Freedom From Fear.  This will require you being mindful of what you watch or read. I notice some people keep the TV on 24/7.

I don’t even keep a TV in my home. I read.

I’m intentional about any videos I watch.

Freedom from fear also means don’t be afraid your goals will take too long or that it’s hopeless. It’s not. One day at a time.

You should always have room for pizza or taco day or whatever. Even athletes have one day to rest and recover or one cheat day. It actually helps keep their metabolism in high gear. You don’t ever want your body thinking you’re not eating enough and in danger mode, as it will slow your metabolism to a crawl.

So don’t fear not being perfect. A wise person once said, “Perfect is the evil of good.”


5.  The Hope of Future Achievement.  Expect success in your health goals. And don’t compare yourself to anyone.


6.  The Capacity For Applied Faith.  It’s not enough to believe or have faith, you must DO.  Like Yoda.


7.  Willingness To Share One’s Blessings.  Giving makes you feel good. That’s healthy.


8.  To Be Engaged In A Labor of Love.  When you love something (or someone) you overcome obstacles.


9.  An Open Mind On All Subjects Towards All People.  Mix up your routine so you don’t get bored.


10.  Complete Self Discipline.  This is crucial. Know your weaknesses & plan ahead.  Lots of cake at a party? Pick fresh fruit.


11.  Wisdom With Which To Understand People.   The WHY behind eating behavior drives consumption, not food. Ask why.


12.  Financial Security.  Create a steady monthly budget for nutritious foods, water, vitamins.  Walk if you can’t afford a gym membership. A lot of people go to a gym and only walk on a treadmill, so don’t make not having a gym membership an excuse not to move around.


Here are some more inspirations from Napoleon Hill:



Most importantly, don’t forget the value of love. Feeling loved builds your immune system more than anything else. It floods your body with healthy oxytocin, which alleviates pain. The opposite is cortisol, which gets released under stress. Listening to music and exercise also release oxytocin or petting Fido.


About Napolean Hill:


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