Think and Grow Healthy by Maria Dorfner

nap22Napolean Hill‘s list for making you rich can also be used to kick your health and fitness goals into high gear.


1.   Positive Mental Attitude –  Healthy changes start in your mind.  Visualize your success.

nap272.  Sound Physical Health.   Your actions will follow your beliefs.  Get a complete physical before you start.


3.  Harmony in Human Relationships.  Surround yourself with people who are healthy in mind, body and spirit.


4.  Freedom From Fear.  Don’t be afraid your goals will take too long or that it’s hopeless. It’s not. One day at a time.


5.  The Hope of Future Achievement.  Expect success in your health and fitness goals. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.


6.  The Capacity For Applied Faith.  It’s not enough to believe or have faith, you must DO.  Like Yoda


7.  Willingness To Share One’s Blessings.  Giving makes you feel good. That’s healthy.


8.  To Be Engaged In A Labor of Love.  When you love something (or someone) you overcome obstacles.


9.  An Open Mind On All Subjects Towards All People.  Mix up your health and fitness routine so you don’t get bored.


10.  Complete Self Discipline.  This is crucial. Know your weaknesses & plan ahead.  Lots of cake at a party? Pick fresh fruit.


11.  Wisdom With Which To Understand People.   The WHY behind eating behavior drives consumption, not food. Ask why. 


12.  Financial Security.  Create a steady monthly budget for nutritious foods.  Walk if you can’t afford a gym membership.


Here are some more inspirations from Napoleon Hill:


Remember, you can have billions, but you still won’t be able to buy what daily healthy habits can.


 Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget the value of love.   Feeling loved builds your immune system. 


About Napolean Hill:


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