Healthiest Companies To Work For

Free water, a decent desk chair, a few days off when you have the flu—and that’s it, right? Not for these 44 companies.


All of them make employee health and wellness a number-one priority.


We’re talking rock climbing walls, healthy snack stashes, meditation rooms, and team bonding retreats.


Of course, there are lots of companies on this continent that offer outstanding health benefits.


But everyone on this list offers at least basic health insurance for employees and makes some accommodation for fitness, whether that’s an on-site fitness center or discounted gym memberships.



Read on to find out who made the list of 44 healthiest companies in America to work for: check out the full list on

Should your company be on the list? If yes, we want to hear about it. Write to us.

Or should your company be on the unhealthy list? Does it still only offer stale pizza and half-eaten donuts in the kitchen and soda? Does it contribute to you eating unhealthily while at the office? Does it only offer unhealthy choices in vending machines? Let us know. You may share anonymously.


Stay healthy!



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