Why Some People Can’t Do Push-Ups


A day ago, New York Times asks, “How Many Push-Ups Can You Do?” and reports pushups may be a a good predictor of your heart health.


Their source is Journal of the American Association (JAMA) Network Open.

Some took this to heart and started sharing videos on Facebook of themselves doing pushups.


Some men shared themselves doing 40 pushups and challenged friends to do the same. Why 40?

According to the New York Time’s article by Gretchen Reynolds, men who could get through 40 or more push-ups had a 96% less risk of heart problems in the next 10 years than those who quit at 10 or fewer.

Push-up capability proved to be a better predictor, statistically, of future heart problems than the treadmill tests. If you can’t do the full 40 — 11 works as a minimum.

Men who could complete at least 11 push-ups had less risk of developing heart problems in the following decade than those who could complete fewer than 10, they found.


Read complete New York Times article click here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/20/well/move/how-many-push-ups-can-you-do-it-may-be-a-good-predictor-of-heart-health.html

But not everyone can do pushups.  According to TrainingCore.com there are just as many, if not more reasons you may find them frustrating. Things like weak wrists or unstable shoulders.


Push-ups are one of the biggest determiners of your upper body strength. They are intense, they make your arms shake, and there are 50 reasons why some people can’t do them.  Here are some reasons compliments of TrainingCor.com

1. You have a desk job

When you sit at a desk all day, your body sits in a compromised position, and you rarely get up and get moving. There is also a slight chance that you eat at your desk, too. Your desk job is killing your fitness routine, and as a result, your push-ups are lacking.

Think about the tasks you perform at your desk, none of it has to do with strength training or significant movement. You sit like a stone, doing the same movements, and you allow your body to collapse. Your desk job is destroying your body. The tips here will help you not only improve your push-up, but improve your desk-job body as a whole.

2. You work only your arms

Your push-up involves more than your arms. Sure, they shake like crazy when you go down and push yourself up, but they are not the only muscles working to complete a push-up, so they should not be the only muscles you strengthen to improve your push-up. Plus, you probably aren’t working your arms in the best way anyway.

When working your arms, work the biceps, triceps, and your deltoids. Here are a couple exercises to get your started.

  • Tricep dips
  • Arm circles
  • Plank shoulder tap
  • TRX Shift and Pike

3. Your core is weak

Yes, you do push-ups for abs, but you need to help out a little. If you are struggling to do a push-up to get the core you want, work on the core you have to get the push-up you want.

4. You are a runner

It is not uncommon for runners to have incredible speed and endurance, but lack upper body strength. Many runners cannot do push-ups, or good ones at least. Runners often need to incorporate cross-training and strength training into their daily workouts.

5. Your head isn’t in it

push-ups require more than a strong upper body. They require a clear and strong head, too. To train your body, train your mind. Intense mental training can enhance your endurance and performance, and it can improve your dedication. Mental training will transform your performance outside of the gym, too.

6. You thought a 30-day challenge was the answer

The infographics are appealing, but the results on the 30-day challenge everyone shares is not the answer to the perfect push-up. This is not realistic if you are learning how to do push-ups or improve your push-ups. This plan also lacks variety and instruction.

2016-05-20 30-day challenge print screen

7. Your breath is off

Breathe!!! Too many people forget to breathe when doing push-ups because they are too focused on the movement. Use your breath to guide your movements. Always keep air moving. Inhale when you go down, and exhale when you push up. During any workout, always exhale on the hardest part.

8. Your diet still sucks

There’s that. You have to change your diet if you want real results. A healthy diet provides your body with the nutrients and fuel necessary for your workouts. A healthy diet also helps improve your recovery time after hard workouts. You don’t need a smoothie fad, weight-loss pills, or miracle cures. You need the tools necessary to help you make better choices about the types of foods and amount of food that enters your body.

 9. You ignore your triceps

What does your arm day look like? For many, it involves workouts that work only the biceps. Don’t ignore the triceps. Not only will working your triceps prevent the underarm flag, but it assists in extending and retracting your forearm. Try these bodyweight exercises for stronger triceps.

10. Your shoulders are unstable

Work on shoulder stability with these exercises.

11. Your form is off

When doing a push-up, your body must be straight. Envision a ruler from the top of your head that runs down to your bottom. Remember this during every push-up movement.

12. Your butt is in the air

Your butt should not thrust up into the air. Squeeze your glutes and tighten your core to keep your butt from sticking out.

13. Your hands are too far apart

Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Don’t try different hand positions until you can master the standard push-up. Having the arms too wide will increase shoulder stress when you can’t control your body.

 14. You are too ambitious

You cannot hit the ground running when you start push-ups or when you improve your push-ups. Set realistic expectations that keep your form controlled and your body free from injuries. By the end of the week, try to get your first good one done, and then add a couple more each week after.

15. Your back is weak

Strengthen your back muscles, focusing on the lower back as much as the upper back.

16. Your elbows are kicked out to the side

Your elbows should be at a 45-degree angle at your side. When you go down, do not flare them out. Envision yourself pushing a refrigerator away from your body. How would you do it? Now, do the same on the floor.

17. Your fingers are together

For stability, spread your fingers apart. This gives you more surface area on the ground.

For More Reasons Visit https://www.trainingcor.com/50-reasons-cant-push-ups/

No worries if you can’t do one today. Time, patience, physical therapy or a personal trainer can assist you to work up to doing pushups slowly and with proper form.

Image result for Proper way to do a pushup
photo credit: www.TNation.com




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