Covid-19: Protect the Vulnerable

1. Wear a mask

2.  Maintain social distance (6 ft.)

3.  Wash hands often for 20 seconds


Three simple things you can do even if you’re healthy, because most carriers are asymptomatic.


You may recover just fine, if you transmit it to someone with an underlying health condition, they may not. Do it for them.


Note that on June 8, 2020 The World Health Organization (WHO) once again sent mixed messages, as they did with masks, to people by playing semantics.

They stated you can not contract Covid-19 from asymptomatic people — only PRE-symptomatic.

Well, PRE-Symptomatic means someone is infected, but are showing no symptoms yet or mild ones. Yes, being in close proximity to someone who sneezes or coughs is an obvious form of transmission.

But, too much is still unknown to rule out other means of transmission.

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