WTF Life vs. WFH Life

selfcareWTF is when you work in an office each day.  You waste time getting there. You waste time looking a certain way to fit in with the office culture. You waste time making small talk with the same people.  Asking, “How was your weekend?” is getting old. Your feet  hurt. Your back hurts. You are tired. And you are stressed knowing you have to do it all over again the next day.

WFH is an acronym for Work From Home. #WFH began trending on social media after The Corona Virus Task Force issued a Stay At Home or Shelter In Place or Work From Home order to everyone to help avoid its spread.

Some people have always worked remotely so it’s nothing new. Others freaked out.

There’s zero to freak out about. Remain CALM. Working from home is better for you.

I’ve been working remotely for decades, so I can share why it works, and how and why it’s easy it to stay healthier than those in an office. Contrary to popular belief, there are less distractions and you seriously get more done without sacrificing your health or life.

Occasionally, I take on an assignment that requires me to be in a physical office. Those times reinforce they are a colossal waste of money and space, not to mention people’s time. If you can do something using a computer or phone in 2020, why waste a minimum of four hours getting to and from an office. Makes no sense.

Ever wonder why a lot of business leaders boast about deals being made on the golf course? It’s because people are relaxed there. Good luck making a deal on a crowded B-Train from Brooklyn to NYC or any place you are squished like a sardine.

When you work in an office your stress begins upon waking up.  Tired. Again.

insomnia27WTF.  You’re already in a bad mood because you need more sleep, but know you won’t get it. When you set alarm knowing you need to get to a bus, plane, train or bus it places your body immediately goes into fight or flight mode, which right off the bat releases Cortisol, the stress hormone. Your fat cells are already gearing up to preserve them since they think you’re in danger. You are in danger. You’re in danger of illness from chronic stress.

vs. WORK FROM HOME WELLNESS sleeping11WFH. When you set your alarm to wake from home you wake up smiling. There’s no rush. In fact, if you’re wise you start to give Gratitude and stay in bed a little longer giving thanks and praise for blessings. Then, you can stretch. Your body is relaxed already releasing feel good Endorphins and Oxytocin to start your day off healthy. It’s proven fat cells shrink when you’re well-rested. You have time to Meditate. You do. You glance over at your To Do list written the night before knowing you’ll tackle it. No stress.

insomnia45WTF. WTF. You need caffeine and are the walking dead and quite cranky until you get your first cup of coffee. Coffee dehydrates you and has no health benefits.
Don’t believe the hype.


WFH. You don’t need coffee. You start your day with hot water and lemon, which hydrates you, cleanses and activates your metabolism for the rest of the day.  You wake up alert, not groggy when you need a cup of coffee. That tells you right there which is better for you.

WTF. You bring your gym bag to work because you plan to go to the gym afterwards. By the end of the day all you want is to get home in your pajamas with cookies and a tall glass of milk. Your favorite part of the day will be when you change into your pajamas. Think about that. It’s a real WTF.


exercise2WFH. You start your day with exercise which gets your brain and body energized to start the work day. Nothing is rushed in the work from home life. You’re in the zone. Your favorite part of the day is when you closed that deal, wrote that script or learned something new.  Your favorite part of the day is no longer the end of it.

sleep2WTF. You will not get enough sleep because by the time you get home, run errands, eat something, try to relax it’s way past your bedtime. This sleep deprivation will be chronic and slowly erode your health. You will begin to feel aches and pains and be moody and quite unpleasant to be around. You will snap at people when you get home, so your relationships will suffer. You just got home from work, so can’t be expected to do anything. You want to be left alone. If you have a spouse or children or pet –who want or need your attention –it’s a recipe for disaster.


WFH. The sleep you’ve been getting shows in your calm demeanor, and you feel great. No aches or pains and your skin looks better and you’re even keeled. No bad moods. People will comment you look younger than your age. You have time in between calls to toss in laundry and do a bit of cleaning or walk your dog or hug your spouse.

WTF. You are always hungry while at the office. The Gremlins are alive and well because you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re stressed. You feel like there aren’t enough snacks to keep you going until you can get out of that office.


WFH. You eat healthier because you’ve more time to prepare meals and you have time to make better choices when grocery shopping. You realize you feel better when you eat better.


Co-workers laughing together
Co-workers laughing together

WTF. No privacy. You have to listen to every conversation in the office. If someone sneezes the droplets land on your desk. If someone brings in smelly food or wears awful perfume –you’re right there having to soak it all in. It’s disgusting. You’re sick of the small talk, clicks and reminder of why you hated high school. Every day you have to convince yourself it’s not so bad as you watch the clock.

WFH. The Do Not Disturb sign is alive and well. Your office is your sanctuary. You don’t have to listen to co-workers gossiping, talking on the phone or kissing up to the boss. No worries about sexual harassment or any other nonsense. You can focus, get your work done and get results.

So, relax. Working from home is amazing. Make sure you don’t have a micromanager for a boss. You want a leader. Here’s the difference.

A leader lets you all know the vision and goals and then delegates tasks. A leader trusts you to get things done. They get out of the way. They ask you to call, email or text (whatever their preference is) them if you need them. These leaders inspire and motivate people with their positivity. Employees love working for this person and go the extra mile for them. They trust you’ll let them know if you need assistance.

A micromanager is the equivalent of a little kid tugging at your shirt while you’re trying to get work done. These people aren’t qualified for whatever position they are in, so they overcompensate for insecurities by brow beating other people. You can spot them because they send questions like, “Where are we at with …?” or ask if you’ve done what they’ve asked you to do right after asking you to do it. When they say people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses –this is that boss. They have a negative affect on the morale of employees, productivity and bottom line.

WTF. You can’t always leave your desk when you’re feeling anxious.

WFH. You can go for a walk, take a hot shower, make a cup of green tea, call a friend, stretch, open your refrigerator to grab a snack (stock up on water and Better For You snacks when you work from home and healthy foods you can pick on. I blog a lot about those. You can search past articles. Some of my favorites are Veggie Stix, wheat thins, blueberries, cherries, almonds, walnuts, PeaTos makes Cheetos made from peas —and good ol’ chocolate.

How much money would a company save if they allowed employees to work from home? Can things be done differently?  Why do people really need to be inside a particular office or building? Can what’s being done in there be done remotely and end up costing less? Can the world prioritize health and family time? Things to think about the next two weeks.

Maybe there’s a healthier way long-term and not just for two weeks.

For now, enjoy Working From Home.  Stay healthy!