Top 10 Habits of People Who Live to Be 100

1. Healthy centenarians stay connected with others of all age groups and involved in their communities.

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2. They keep physically active with regular, daily exercise. They bake and cook for family gatherings, go to the office and play golf. One woman, 101 years old, has a habit of reading while riding a stationary bicycle.

3. They continue to use their brains throughout their lives. Many experts recommend learning new skills as a way to keep the brain functioning. Try a new language!

4. They have learned how to handle stress and the many losses that happen on the way up to 100!

5. They use humor to cope with difficult times. He who laughs, lasts!

6. They find meaning in some kind of spiritual practice and seem to take a lively interest and joy in everything around them.

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7. They are self-sufficient — they remain living independently as long as possible and adapt well to challenges. They avoid taking pills or medication, unless they are absolutely necessary.

8. They have good sleep habits, regular bowel movements, and prefer outdoor activiities and fresh air.

9. They focus on living each day as it comes instead of on living a long time. Being old to them is not any different than being young, except that they know they are wiser.

10. They are not always nice. Some are cantankerous and ornery. Most have been married, and most have been widowed. But after their losses, they grieved and got over it.

There you have it. Here’s to still laughing at Centi Anni.


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