Now You Can Take Your Temp On-the-Go

TAD™ takes the wearer’s temperature every 15 minutes, showing the temperature for 10 seconds.

Once the temperature light goes out, a Green, Amber, or Red indicator light stays illuminated as an indictor visible to those in your close proximity.

Should the temperature be elevated to Amber or Red, the wearer will feel a vibration, which serves as an alert. In addition, the wearer’s temperature can be taken manually with a simple push of a button!

Physician Approved

“Body temperature is the most commonly used vital sign to identify illness by clinicians across all specialities. Being able to identify early fluctuations in temperature has the potential to save lives and keep those around us safe. With TAD™, the most commonly used vital sign is within an arm’s length.”

-Dr. Julian Trivino, Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

Giving Staff, Parents and Students Peace of Mind

Your patrons, employees, and staff will be confident of their well-being when you show them you are a TAD SAFE™ facility. Increase the amount of foot traffic into your business with a clear identifier – your focus is on providing a level of safety many others are not!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines a fever as having “a measured temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit [38 degrees Celsius], which is what you need to be aware of during the pandemic. A temperature of 100.4 is listed as one of the first signs you may have Covid-19, which is why monitoring your daily temperature during this time is important.

Slightly higher than 98.6 is normal for healthy adults.  

TAD™ brings peace of mind to students, sports fans, and everyone who interacts with them to feel and be TAD SAFE™. The cost is reasonable too at $19.99

A user-friendly instruction booklet comes with the watch. First, you remove the charger from the back of it. Plug it into a USB port to charge. Then, reinsert it into the watch. Press to activate.

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Small package arrives with blue wristband and instruction booklet. Read it first.

First thing you do is remove the module from inside watch. Charge it for 2 hours in a USB port.

Module didn’t fit into my MAC computer, but it did fit into a USB port on a lamp & in the one I use to charge phone.
Charge module for 2 hours before placing it back inside blue wristband. My wrist is small, but it fit on the last setting. I had a difficult time closing it with one hand. Having someone help you is advisable.

When I first pressed it, temperature read 98.2, but I had just come in from outdoors. The instruction pamphlet advises not to wear it while outdoors in cold or hot temperatures or while active, as this can affect the reading.

A few moments later, my temp was at 98.6. It says the reading stays lit for 10 seconds, but it felt quicker.

All in all, I’d recommend this more for people who are sedentary. I move around a lot, which would cause minor fluctuations.

If you’re in an office or school setting all day, it could be helpful. One press and you can check your temperature. It’s not recommended for anyone younger than 10 years of age.

I could see this being helpful for my parents after I charge it for them and show them how to use it. Again, it’s simple to use as one press and it lights up with your temperature.

It makes for a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.


Individual and Bulk Orders Available


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