Have a Healthy, Happy Valentine’s Day!

By healthy, I don’t mean serving vegetables today. Healthy means making it a happy day. That requires some thought beforehand. Thought about the someone you love.

If you hate Valentine’s Day, but your significant other doesn’t –it’s about how they feel, not you. That’s what ends up making the day happy and who couldn’t use a little more joy right now.

Here’s a little help. Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you still can’t and shouldn’t be romantic.

Again, happy means having an evening that makes your significant other feel SPECIAL.

Yes, it’s highly commercialized. But who doesn’t love LOVE. If you’r lucky enough to have someone special in your life, it’s healthy to express that gratitude and make them feel it.

Here’s some help.

Most women expect (yes expect) the basics. Basics are:

  1. Roses or their favorite flowers (with chocolate, stuffed animal and big red bow). If you’re on a budget Godiva makes heart-shaped chocolate lollipop for $6.00 at Godiva (com). Toss in red balloons if you like.

  2. A romantic dinner for two (most will be at home this year, so plan on preparing a special meal, dim lights, light candles and let your significant other know you’re doing so beforehand and what time to be ready). If you can’t be together, give them an IOU for a romantic dinner or better yet, getaway for a future date. Be sure to followup with reservations when you can. This should be a romantic, intimate place, which is all the better during these times. If you’re in a warm climate, a romantic outdoor picnic for two is ideal. Your evening for two can include a candlelit romantic bubble bath with red rose pedals surrounding it, romantic music and a glass of wine.

  3. A special card (it can be store bought or hand-made). The important thing is what you write inside of it. Let her know all the things you love about her and why she’s special and that you love her.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

4. Lingerie. Important: Have her pick something sexy out. She knows her size and what she likes, even if fit. Be sensitive if you’re aware she feels like she’s put on weight during Covid. If so, have her select a satin or silk long-sleeve, long pant pajama in red. LillySilk makes these starting at $89.

5. If you’re in a long-term relationship: Jewelry. Anything else you add is a Bonus. This isn’t the time to get her a new blender, cleaning supplies, exercise equipment or anything else unless she requested it.

Short-term relationship? Stick with # 1 to # 3. The rest is up to how you feel about each other and if you plan to be long-term.

If you’re cooking at home, anything can be creatively shaped into hearts. A few ideas:

Breakfast: You can scramble eggs –then shape into a heart. Fill a bowl with blueberries, then top it with heart-shaped hearts. You can also cut things up into the shape of a giant XO.

Lunch: Celery can be cut into hearts next to your favorite bowl of soup.

Dinner: Chicken thighs can be cut into the shape of hearts before serving.

Don’t forget the men. Ask him if there’s something special he’d like. Add in some silky boxers, a card that expresses all you love about him and anything else that will make him feel special and loved on this day too.

Another fun idea during the day for couples: Get a bag of those plastic Easter eggs that can be parted. You can get them in any Dollar Store. Write a love note in each one of them. Then, hide them.

A compliment for your loved one inside each egg should iend with a clue to where you hid the next one in your house or apartment. Example: The next egg is where we last kissed.

If you have kids, they could do the same for Mom and Dad and have fun doing it.

Of course, it’s always best to ask your significant other how they’d like to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. If it’s Netflix and Chill –pick out a movie together and try to make the setting more romantic than a usual movie night in.

If you’re single or alone on Valentine’s Day, practice self-care. Turn off electronics. Do something special just for you, even if it’s a simply a solo walk somewhere you can do so safely, where you haven’t been before or a long bath or shower followed by moisturizing face mask and a nice soothing cup of tea, listening to your favorite music or reading a good book. And there’s always chocolate.

Enjoy and Stay Healthy!

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com


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