Protection Takes 2 Weeks After 2nd Vaccine

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Pandemic precautions are still necessary even after you get 2nd vaccine.

Kristin Englund, MD, an infectious disease specialist with Cleveland Clinic, says if you've gotten a Covid-19 vaccine, you still need to follow guidelines.

“While you may be protected, we still need to make sure that we’re still protecting all of those around us who may or may not have been vaccinated yet. So, it’s still important for us to wear our masks, to keep social distancing and to make sure that we’re using hand sanitizer.”

Dr. Englund said it’s important to remember the first vaccine only offers about 50% protection.

About two weeks after second vaccine, recipients are 95% protected from COVID-19.

Doctors are still trying to determine if someone who’s been vaccinated can carry and pass the virus to somebody who’s unvaccinated –so, precautions are still necessary. 

Virus variants are another reason to continue COVID safety measures, just in case a variant emerges that isn’t covered by the vaccine.  

If you’re spending time with people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Dr. Englund said safety rules still apply.

She said it’s important your circle stills adheres to masking, social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines to protect people outside of your bubble. 

Meantime, Dr. Fauci has informed people they will be wearing masks into 2022.

People on social media reacted to this news by telling him to F-off.

Don't worry. You can't trust anything he says anyway. Next week, he may declare, No more masks! He doesn't  care about your health. He has no loyalty to you, any candidate or even this country. 

His loyalty is being a leading pharmaceutical rep. and using media to promote their agenda, which is to either get you sick to create new customers, keep you sick if you're already a customer, or kill you if you're taking up too much of their resources.

He wants a yes man President in the White House. A puppet. Someone who can be scammed and do whatever Fauci tells him/her to do, because there are people who control what Fauci does.

He's a yes man and puppet to them.  There are no friends in this circle. They would slice each other's throats and turn on each other in an instant if puppet doesn't do as they are told.

These types eventually turn on each other. None of it has to do with protecting your health. In fact, 1.4B --billion was approved for a study on brain fog. Millions of Americans haven't received their stimulus payment yet. Veterans and those on Social Security haven't received funds. But a Hospital receives 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS. 

STESS and SUGAR causes BRAIN FOG. Who has caused you stress this year? Dr. Fauci. News. Social Media. All that had you reach for sweets. Sugar, the highly addictive drug, which then causes depression, obesity, diabetes. See the cycle. 

Will they eliminate all these things?  If so, your fog and all else will lift.

NO. THEY WILL add to the stress by announcing you have Brain Fog Disorder and need Brain Fog Medication with side effects of suicidal thoughts or actual suicide, and the list goes on. 

We already know the cause. Watch this ridiculous 4-year study and if the NIH eliminates the cause. 

That 1.4 billion dollars are your tax dollars. Therein lies the scam. Why are they using YOUR money to fund studies on behalf of pharmaceutical companies or hospitals or Universities?

The Government represents them, not you. THEY need to pay for these studies --not you. You do not benefit from them.

He has not earned public trust. He has used media to try to manipulate public perception. As a result, he had endangered people's mental and physical health for an entire year with negligence in withholding information they needed to know that would have reversed co-morbidities in a year's time or from protecting the elderly. 

How did he not provide health guidance to his good friend, Andrew Cuomo? He was on the phone daily when his friend Chris Cuomo, Andrew's brother allegedly got infected. Yet, he offered no guidance on how to handle the elderly in nursing homes? 

What about the early statement ventilators were the way to treat people when that in itself can cause death? Did Fauci say this was the right approach? 

One thing everyone has learned from this experience is who you can't trust.

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