14 Ways To Prevent Soreness After Shoveling by Maria Dorfner



  1. Drink lots of water (a gallon) Before AND After Shoveling Snow
  2. Vitamin C, E and antioxidants
  3. Warm Up At Least 15 Minutes Before Shoveling Snow – Mimic Shoveling Movement
  4. Stretch Slowly – Hold for 30 Seconds Before Releasing Before & After Shoveling
  5. Breathe Deeply
  6. Avoid Any Vigorous Action That Increases Pain While Applying Ice to Area 
  7. Perform 10 to 15-Minutes of Slow Exercise Like Cycling Legs to Get Blood Flowing
  8. After Shoveling If You Have A Steam Room Use It Followed By A Cold Shower
  9. Otherwise, Take A HotCold Shower:  Hot 2 Min. – Cold 30 Sec. – Repeat 5 x’s
  10. Massage Sore Muscles
  11. Consume 20g of Whey Protein and Increase Carbs and Don’t Forget Water
  12. Get 8 Hours of Sleep
  13. Advil – Rest the Area in Pain
  14. Read Proper Shoveling Technique Below


If any pain or soreness persists more than a week, see your physician.










MARIA DORFNER is the founder of NewsMD Communications, LLC and Healthy Within Network (HWN).  This is her blog. She can be reached at maria.dorfner@yahoo.com

One of her series, “Heart Smart” airing on CNBC won an Outstanding Media Recognition Award from the American Heart Association.