Female Founder Set To Disrupt Billion Dollar E-Learning Industry


Busy Mom Frustrated with Finding STEM Classes for Daughter Starts Online Learning Platform 

Learning is always healthy, so today we’re excited to tell you about a new way to keep your brain cells sharp. Meet Amy Olivieri, President and CEO of TakeAClass. TakeAClass is an online resource to support academic, recreational, and professional class searches, payment processing, live stream technology, and Classalytics – an event management tool for instructors, schools, and organizations.

It seeks to revolutionize educational options for adults and children by providing access to local and online classes to anyone in the world.

Turns out, the Global E-Learning Market is expected to reach $325 Billion by 2025.


Welcome Amy. Tell me more about what prompted you to start TakeAClass?

AMY OLIVIERI: “As a busy mom and professional the last thing I have time for is to spend hours online searching for swim or piano classes for my daughter or a salsa dancing computer class for me. I discovered that when needing to take a class there was no online platform that immediately came to mind. So, I would have to search the internet or ask my friends and family for recommendations. So, I created TakeAClass!

Name is easy for everyone to remember. That’s a major plus right there.

AMY OLIVIERI: “Yes! And TakeAClass takes the drama out of the class search process, making it easy for consumers to find exactly what they want – including fitness, cooking, dance, computer, skydiving classes and thousands of other classes. The idea behind TakeAClass is to organize all the information needed to make an informed decision in one place. We allow consumers to search class listings for free.”

Who can use it?

AMY OLIVIERI: “Instructors, schools, and organizations will have the convenience of listing their classes, which will help increase their visibility and get more students with stunning profiles, photos, class descriptions and schedules.”

What if someone wants to teach cooking or how to knit or play basketball on the site, how does it work? Do they get paid?

We charge a 18% booking fee for every class purchased through our website. There is no monthly subscription. We don’t get paid unless a class is paid for.

AMY OLIVIERI: “Teachers are our class vendors. They get to set their own price for teaching and get paid weekly for all completed classes.”

Let’s say there’s a local kid’s cooking class in town or yoga class for adults and they want to fill those classes locally — can they utilize the site to fill classes?

AMY OLIVIERI:  “Yes. Right now, we’re launching in Houston, Texas. But we will be available everywhere soon.”

Great. What about the person wanting to take the class? Do they pay?

“It’s free for consumers to search through our marketplace of classes. They simply search, find, and buy the class they wish to take.”

You also intend to utilize blockchain technology. Tell me about that.

AMY OLIVIERI: “We seek to take advantage of the exciting blockchain technology by offering global access to education while removing the barriers to pay for it by introducing our own cryptocurrency, which we hope will change the way payments are accepted for academic institutions.”


You were raised by a single mother who is now a retired nurse. Tell me what role your upbringing played in what you’re doing today.

AMY OLIVIERI: “My mother instilled in me at an early age that if I wanted to be successful I needed an education. So education was my first passion. She raised two children and worked multiple jobs. She was my first role model and gave me my work ethic. She taught me that I could pave my own path, which gave me the confidence to excel in my professions as an African-American woman in male dominated industries.”

What are some challenges you faced launching it and how did you overcome them?

AMY OLIVIERI: “My greatest challenge was finding trusted service providers who didn’t over promise and under deliver. It’s not easy to find the right team ofpeople who see your vision and are willing to move with that vision to make your idea a reality. And as a female founder of a tech company there are many obstacles you must overcome in this space. I have an amazing support infrastructure that helps me navigate around the challenges and stay focused.”

Part of that supportive infrastructure is from you forming a strategic partnership with KiwiTech, 
where we met.

AMY OLIVIERI: “Yes, we’re pleased to join hands with KiwiTech and view them as the ideal technology partner to help us launch our platform and take it to the next level.”

Explain to our readers what KiwiTech does.

AMY OLIVIERI: “KiwiTech, LLC, is a technology services provider that invests in tech startups. Most recently, they featured their first all Female Founders Demo Day in New York City. As part of the partnership, KiwiTech will provide exclusive technology development capabilities to TakeAClass.”

CEO of KiwiTech says:

“KiwiTech is excited to partner with TakeAClass,” says Rakesh Gupta, CEO of KiwiTech. “Their platform offers consumers fast access to academic and recreational local and online classes. Leveraging our deep domain expertise, we’re committed to helping TakeAClass achieve their mission.”

When do you launch?

AMY OLIVIERI: “We’re real excited to go live Monday, June 25, 2018.


How can be people sign up for a class or offer one on the site?

AMY OLIVIERI:  Go to:  http://www.takeaclass.com

Thank you, Amy! Congratulations and continued success. You’re a great role model.


More About KiwiTech 
KiwiTech provides end-to-end digital technology solutions across a wide range of industries, including publishing, healthcare, media & entertainment, education, financial services, energy and nonprofit & government.

KiwiTech has quickly gained recognition as an innovator by investing in numerous early-stage startups and partnering with large enterprises. Drawing on its deep expertise across mobile and web technologies, KiwiTech enables companies to create groundbreaking digital experiences. KiwiTech is based in Washington DC, with additional offices in New York and New Delhi.


Online Learning Industry Poised for $107 Billion In 2015

The $107 Billion dollar industry that nobody’s talking about

Global E-Learning Market 2017 to Boom $275.10 Billion Value by 2022 at a CAGR of 7.5% – Orbis Research

Global E-Learning Market to Reach $325 Billion by 2025

Global Online Education Market (2018-2023) by Type, Technology, Vendor and End-User – Market to Reach $286.62 Billion Growing by 10.26% CAGR – ResearchAndMarkets.com

US E-Learning Statistics



To book an interview with Amy or for more info call: (713) 298-6597

Available live in Boston July 1-7, New York City, July 26-27







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Create Your “Day One”

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

by Guest Author, ARMEN 

790103770_a6b3117a0e_mIf you ask someone who is progressing forward with their passion about the time period when they started achieving results, they will likely be able to tell you about the day they started, and how that was the branch-off point where they started to see possibilities.  This point in time has a few characteristics about it that make it something you want to reach for now as opposed to later.  I have labeled this the “Day One” of the process, and discuss here why you want to cause this day to arrive for your future self’s appreciation.

Use Every Entrepreneur’s Hindsight As Your Foresight

Until you start on your passion(including failing and making errors), you will not have your Day One.  Your Day One is the day you will remember as the first day you finally started towards your goal.  You will always wish this day had happened before it did.  If you haven’t hit it yet, you can see the urgency it presents.  In a way, you are using the hindsight of others’ experiences for your own foresight here.  You have often heard people say “I wish I had started sooner”, speaking about anything they enjoy doing in the long-term.  Your current “now” will be that “sooner” if you take in mind the following points:

Time Isn’t Your Issue

1. Realize that time has no effect on you.  You are not going to have more of a chance to create material later on.  The right people won’t magically show up to help you out, since if you don’t show them your steps toward your interest, they will have no idea that you could use help.  If you don’t have enough interest to do it now, you probably won’t have that interest later, since our personalities are fairly fixed in place.

Researching Ideas Sounds Beneficial, But Isn’t Too Useful

2. Quit researching about methods for the activity until you have already started the activity, or at least stay out of the “ideas” phase where loads of ideas are in mind but none of them are being acted upon.  A member of a law firm who wants to branch out and create a new office in another county 40 miles away would do better to drive to the other county to assess it as a home for the new business, instead of having the idea of going there stuck in his head for 3 months, with uncertainty in place.  10 minutes of action is worth countless minutes of idea processing.


The lawyer who actually drives to the other county and judges a certain location as suitable or not for a new office would remember that day as the day he found his future office location.  Hindsight would later tell him he would have more business in his new office if he had went physically searching for it earlier.

Waiting For Support From Others Is The Longest Wait You Can Imagine

3. People are not going to support you until you do the heavy lifting.  Your Day One won’t arrive until you assume the main portion of the efforts for it.  If you are waiting for another person or group of people to get to a point where they want to help you or team up with you to create the way to work on your interest, your Day 1 won’t arrive.  I read somewhere that the way it works is that you put out 100% of your effort amount, and other people respond in assistance with less than 100%.  You don’t get back effort equally, but that is good because the creation then remains in your control.

Time Spent In The Inactive Idea Phase Is Mostly Lost

1318627154_05cb747208_mAbraham Lincoln said “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax.”  Although this quote is about how preparation can lead you to be far more productive in the long-term, notice that he said he would spend the six hours of preparation sharpening his ax, as opposed to planning how he would chop down the tree or thinking of ideas about other ways to do so.  The six hours of preparation was active preparation, similar to going door-to-door to find clients, e-mailing current companies in a field and asking what is missing, reading a current ecology book to get a sense of what information you need to write your own, etc.  The key point is to get out of the ideas phase and on to testing ideas with other people and making an imprint on your environment, online or offline.