How To Calm Dogs From Fireworks on July 4

Questions about dogs and fireworks are always at the forefront of canine anxiety conversations. So how do we keep our furry friends relaxed during these stressful months? Let’s talk tips and tricks:

  • Keep dogs inside. Even dogs that spend most of their time outdoors should be brought inside during fireworks displays in order to avoid the potential for run-aways.
  • Create a safe space. If your pup has a crate, make it “home” for the night! If not, use a small room in the house to create a cozy environment with their favorite toys, blankets, and soothing music.

  • Get a calming wrap or vest. If you have a dog that’s scared of thunder and fireworks, you may already know that they often respond well to vests and shirts that create a calm and constant compression.

  • Desensitize. Introducing the sounds of fireworks at a low volume, and rewarding with treats, can help prep dogs for the 4th. Increase volume during play sessions to re-associate potentially scary sounds with periods of enjoyment!


Here’s a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to dogs and fireworks:

Keep dogs indoors, and in a crate or cozy roomBring dogs to fireworks displays
Muffle noises with curtains, blankets, or soft musicAcknowledge their fear – it will add to their anxiety
Check fencing for holes to prevent escapeLet them off leash outside of a fenced area during fireworks season
Ensure properly fitted collars + updated tagsPanic! — Your pup needs you to stay calm
Offer added exercise during the day, to help stave off extra energy laterForget to give them extra love & treats

No one likes to see their pup in distress, but follow our fireworks guide, and we’re certain that you’ll be on your way to a stress-free summer in no time.

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Dogs & Fireworks: Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks?

Don’t Forget Fireworks Impact Veterans & Those with PTSD:

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Healthy National Walk Your Dog Week!

In honor of National Walk Your Dog Week, which kicks off October 1, 2015 I’d like to tell you about a Hot new product to keep you fit while walking Fido.


Rhonda Pinkerman, a full-time cardio thoracic nurse practitioner created a special fanny pack out of necessity.


As a television producer and active person, I’m a big fan of fanny packs. I love to be hands-free.


I’m not alone.  Pinkerman is an avid runner and was tired of holding dog waste on her runs.


So, she designed a convenient, reflective, stylish, water resistant hands-free leash. It’s the King Daddy of fanny packs.


It’s easy to pull baggies from outside of pack and then drop the poo into the stink proof sealed compartment.


No more walking around carrying a poo bag in your hand until you find a garbage can.


After testing the product on her runs, she realized she had created the perfect leash.  She started getting requests from friends for the dog leash and…Poo Doo Dog Leash was born.


In one year, without any advertising she made 10K.  That doubled to 20K in year 2 just from friend referrals.


She also created Poo Doo Portable Water bowls -collapsible water bowls that fold easily into back packet of Poo Doo Leash.


Rhonda has even created an exercise routine that can be done with your dog while utilizing the hands-free leash.




For more information or to purchase one, please visit:

To Book Rhonda for TV to demonstrate Exercising with Your Dog Using the PooDooLeash:

Call Rhonda at:  615-414-4490

The product can also be found in these following stores:

Crossroads Pet Store, Miss Kitty’s Bed and Bath, Safari Pet Resort, The Dog Spot, Deco Decorar

Happy National Walk Your Dog Week.  Walking daily keeps you and your pet healthy!

Send a photo of your dogs best Halloween costume to to be entered in the dog leash giveaway!


doggie   Maria Dorfner is the founder of Healthy Within Network.  This is her blog. She can be reached at

10 Ways to Avoid Springtime Pet Allergies

We all love our pets.  But Spring cleaning may stir up more irritants than usual.  

Here’s how to avoid pet allergies.

1.  KEEP PETS OUT OF YOUR BED.   As cozy at it might be to snuggle up with Moses, your best bet is to keep your pup out of the bedroom, day & night.

2.  USE THROW RUGS INSTEAD OF CARPETS, which trap pet dander. If you can’t remove the dander-trapping carpets, steam clean frequently.

3.  WEAR A DUST MASK WHEN YOU VACUUM. Use one with a HEPA filter.  You can find the masks at hardware stores.

4.  HAVE SOMEONE ELSE CHANGE LITTER BOXES, CLEAN CAGES & BRUSH PETS.  Have them all done outside your home.  I don’t know who.  But, I wish I had known that stay allergen-free rule when I was doing that all myself.  

"I don't always poop. But when I do, I make sure it's right after you clean the litter box."

5.  BATHE YOUR PET WEEKLY which will reduce levels of allergens. I guess the same person who brushed your pet can rub-a-dub bathe them too.

6.  WASH BEDDING AT TEMPS HIGHER THAN 130 degrees F  TO KILL ALLERGENS.  Again, that same person can’t forget laundry!  🙂

I asked Pet Expert, Wendy Diamond for her specialized tips.  She added the following. She reinforces the bathing & No Pet Zone in bedrooms:

7.  Mutt Makeover Time! Tame allergens by bathing pets, removing the allergens that accumulate in fur.  Be careful not to bathe too often as frequent bathing can dry out your pet’s coat and ask your vet or groomer for the safest product(s) for your specific pet.

8.  Who Knew? Dogs often get “atopy”, where they inhale allergens that cause excessively itchy skin, known as pruritis.  Medications and immunotherapy (de-sensitizing shots) can let you and your pet live with less scratching, dander, and obviously allergy reactions!

9.  Don’t Smell The … Although your garden may be gorgeous to look at and fun for your dog or cat to sniff, certain flowers and plants such as oleander, azales, and lilies of the valley, if ingested by pets can be toxic.  Research before planting.

10.  No Pet Zone. If you do have pet allergies, keep pets out of at least one room, preferably the bedroom (easier said than done, training and treats will help here).  Use hypoallergenic fabrics (materials), allergen removing central air  in your “no pet zone”.

For the Best that Pet Lifestyle and animal welfare has to offer follow Wendy and Lucky Diamond on FacebookTwitterand at!

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