Eye Allergies: FDA Approves Over the Counter Drops

Springtime Allergies are here, so your eyes may bother you, but you can’t touch them.

Be sure to check the weekly pollen count in your area to find out if high pollen may be to blame.  Enter your zip code at http://www.pollen.com

Below is a Symptom Checklist to  tell the difference between allergies and a cold.

                                                   ALLERGY SYMPTOMS:   

Itchy Eyes

Itchy Nose

Itchy Throat

Headache Behind Eyes

Clear Mucus if Nose is Runny

Onset Immediate

Sometimes Fatigue

No Fever


Doesn’t Go Away


                              COLD SYMPTOMS:


Sore Throat


Sometimes Fever

No Itchy Eyes

Lack of Appetite


Achy Body

Comes on Slowly


Yellow or Green Mucus if Nose is Runny

Last 5-10 Days (more than that could be a sinus infection, see doctor)

                            TIPS TO HELP YOU COPE WITH ALLERGIES:


The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology says avoiding allergy triggers is the best way to reduce symptoms. Here’s how:

  1. Limit outdoor activities during days with high pollen counts.
  2. Keep windows closed (at home or in the car) to keep pollens out. In Summer, keep windows closed and AC on.
  3. Take a shower after coming indoors. Otherwise, pollen in your hair may bother you all night.
4.  Wear sunglasses to keep pollen from getting in your eyes.


5. Keep pets away from plants and trees (good luck with THAT).

…and there’s always over-the-counter help.

The FDA approves Pataday (twice daily and once daily) eye drops as being purchased over the counter, without a doctor’s approval. It was previously only available with a prescription.

So, if you have allergy eyes –help is here.

photo of woman touching her head
Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on Pexels.com

COLDS: Drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, lozenges if your throat is sore, chicken soup, TLC and wait it out, over-the-counter help if it’s bad.

See a physician if it lasts more than 10-days.   A sinus infection may require antibiotics.

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Remember…you can manage the symptoms…and enjoy a Happy Spring! 🙂 -Maria Dorfner

Maria Dorfner is the founder of NewsMD and Healthy Within Network. This is her blog.


Stay healthy!