Foods for a Healthy Smile

Denise Cole is a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic.  She says your toothbrush isn’t the only weapon you can use to fight against tooth decay.

Yogurt is a good source of calcium AND it’s good for your gums.

“We actually have some studies that were done on children that show that pre and probiotic in yogurt, when they touch the gums, have a benefit to oral health. So, we did find reduced cavities in some children who were big yogurt eaters.”

Cole says  1-2 SERVINGS of yogurt per day will be enough for you, and your mouth, to benefit.

Apples and celery are said to contain substances that fight gum disease and the texture helps scrub food particles as you chew.

CRANBERRY JUICE keeps cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth.

Cole says to choose TAP WATER over BOTTLED WATER every chance you get because tape water contains FLUORIDE, which helps build the enamel on your teeth.



“So, certain things that we know are acidic, that we know have a tendency to break down the enamel of our teeth, if you’re using a straw those things will go past our teeth. So, those things like sodas, orange juice, coffee- anything that we know has an acid that deteriorates enamel.”

So, use a straw if you drink any of the above. Coffee through a straw is enough to make you quit coffee!   Hey, maybe that is a good way to ween yourself off of it. 

According to SELF Magazine, good food choices for your smile include carrots and cauliflower, which help keep teeth clean. Low-fat cheeses, strawberries and oranges help keep teeth white.  I never heard of rubbing strawberries or orange peels directly on your teeth.  But SELF says strawberries and orange peels are like a tooth polish. 

7 Things Your Teeth Say About Your Health

Dental Warning #1: Flat, worn teeth plus headache = Sign of: Big-time stress

Dental Warning #2: Cracking, crumbling teeth = Sign of: GERD 

Dental Warning #3: Sores that won’t go away = Sign of: Oral cancer

Dental Warning #4: Gums growing over teeth = Sign of: Medication problems

Dental Warning #5: Dry mouth = Signs of Sjogren’s syndrome, diabetes 

Dental Warning #6: White webbing inside cheeks = Sign of: Lichen planus 

Dental Warning #7:  Crusting dentures = Sign of: Potential aspiration pneumonia

Be sure to read the FULL article here, so you can find out what all those weird words means:

Stay healthy! Keep smiling. 🙂  Maria

This content was originally published by “7 Things Your Teeth Say About Your Health” and this excerpt reprinted here with permission.