First Aid for the Soul



  •  Richard Renda Totally Cool ‎– but don’t make “Yourself” the only thing that matters. throwing in an extra 2 cents !!!! always loved this quote. “a penny for the Truth, 2 cents for a heart.” ok there’s my 2 cents : )))
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  • Maria Dorfner

    You’re welcome, Robert. Richard, I agree with your two ♥ cents. It’s simply another version of the Oxygen Mask adage, which a smart person recently shared with me. It’s if there’s an emergency on an airplane and you’re travelling with kids, put your own oxygen mask on first. Why? Because if you pass out, you are in no position to help anyone else survive. It applies on the ground as well. You’ll be of little to no use to the people who depend upon you if you don’t take care of yourself first. The title should actually read: Be good to you, so you can be good to others! ♥

It is time to i…

FARMER'S MARKET with A BOUQUET of BASIL to use w/cooking a healthy dinner Healthy Communities Foster Healthy Choices

“It is time to imagine a new role for the health care sector, one that moves beyond saving lives in crisis to improving health while restoring ecosystems and regenerating social and natural capital.  From sponsoring farmers’ markets to launching community-based exercise and wellness programs, the health care industry is uniquely positioned to model health and wellness in a society in need of alternatives to fast food and sedentary lifestyles.  We deserve nothing less from the industry best positioned to protect our health.”   

-Jean Mah, Health Care Global Market Leader of Perkins+Will