Do you have a Healthy Millionaire Mind?  Dr. Thomas J. Stanley extensively interviewed and surveyed 733 Millionaires asking what factors were most vital to their success.

Top 10 factors they attribute to their success:

1.  Being honest with all people

2.  Being well-disciplined

3.  Getting along with people

4.  Having a supportive spouse

5. Working harder than most people

6. Loving my career/business

7.  Having strong leadership qualities

8.  Having a very competitive spirit/personality

9.  Being very well-organized

10.  Having an ability to sell my ideas/products



Integrity, someone who doesn’t cheat is high on the list, as well as having extraordinary energy and being physically fit.  Integrity and physical fitness are within your control. Anyone can cheat. Anyone can be lazy and not exercise.  Wise people make better choices, and reap the long-term rewards from it.


Here are remaining factors Millionaires attribute to their success:

11.  Make wise investments

12.  See opportunities others do not see

13.  Be your own boss

14. Willing to take financial risk given the right return

15. Having good mentors

16. Having an urge to be well-respected

17. Investing in your own business

18.  Finding a profitable niche

19.  Having extraordinary energy

20.  Being physically fit

21. Having a high IQ/superior intellect

22. Specializing

23.  Attending a top-rated college

24.  Ignoring the criticism of detractors

25.  Living below your means

26.  Having strong religious faith

27.  Being lucky

28.  Investing in the equities of public corporations

29.  Having excellent investment advisors

30.  Graduating near/top of your class


Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, Author, “The Millionaire Mind”


Stanley is the author, lecturer and researcher who has studied the affluent since 1973.  He’s written some best-selling books including, “The Millionaire Next Door,” “Marketing to the Affluent,” and “The Millionaire Mind.”

The Millionaire Mind leads to the Billionaire Mind.


Maria Dorfner

Maria Dorfner is an award-winning  television producer and health journalist. She is the founder of NewsMD, specializing in creating and promoting health stories that positively impact lives.

She is also the founder of Healthy Within Network (HWN), which focuses on positive healthy news for your mind, body and spirit.

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