Think and Grow Healthy by Maria Dorfner

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nap22Napolean Hill‘s list to make you rich in his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich” also relates to health, your true wealth.

Virgil first said, “Health is Wealth,” so it’s been known since the beginning of time.


1.   Positive Mental Attitude –  Healthy change starts in your mind.  Visualize your success. Close your mind when you awake and think, “THIS is the FIRST day of my life.”

Release everything in the past. It’s gone. Do not think of tomorrow. That’s what causes anxiety –the unknown.

We have a lot of unknown now, but we’ve always had it.

Look at this way. Even if you knew what would happen tomorrow –things you can’t control like weather, other people’s behavior, like a drunk driver on the road or any other number of events, such as an unforeseen accident, death or divorce can change that in a nanosecond. You can’t predict tomorrow.

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